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What is the top best parental control app in 2020? employing a parental control app for monitoring your kids means you’ll sleep a touch well, awareness what sites and apps your kid is access, who is he chatting with, etc. is vital for people to stay their kids safe. A full review of the top best parental control apps available in 2019 and an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of each app (android and ios). We review the apps and provides you rock bottom line, including screenshots and videos.

Picking the proper top parental control app for people isn’t an easy task as there are many various parental control apps out there, but that’s where we are available. We constantly review each app to offer you impartial, comprehensive reviews to form the method quickly and straightforward.

The best parental control apps come equipped with a variety of wonderful features like web filtering, location tracking, and time management then on. This way, you’ll keep a tab over kids’ online activities and stay assured that they’re safe.

But, with an array of best parental control apps available today, how does one choose the best one? Here are a couple of factors that ought to assist you out:

The Top Best Parental Control App In 2020

Web Filtering

Make sure that your chosen parental control app prevents your kids from accessing bad and inappropriate sites and apps with improper content. These apps work by installing a proprietary browser that keeps a track of your kids’ online activity and also prevents them from accessing any inappropriate content.

Further, these apps also restrict the kid from installing the other apps, thus keeping them under your scrutiny 24 * 7.

These app-installed browsers block access to all or any of the sites that fall into inappropriate categories like violence, gambling, pornography than on. Further, you’ll also add other websites that you think are inappropriate for your child with certain apps Net Nanny.

However, these apps don’t stop here. They also report your kids’ online activities and this alter from app to app. as an example, Qustodio provides all the small print with a preview of the respective site alongside the related data to assist you to set rules accordingly.

App Blocking and In-App Purchases

In addition to blocking certain sites, parental control apps also assist you in blocking certain apps that you think might not be properly fit your children. This involves your rescue when your child may be a social media addict or spends an outsized chunk of your time in chatting and messaging.

App blocking of parental control apps comes to your rescue here and blocks the undesirable apps. Certain parental apps also restrict your child from installing the other apps until and unless they’re approved by you.

However, app blocking works differently on iOS because the OS doesn’t allow most parental control apps to function properly. But there are certain apps that permit you to dam system apps like Siri, Camera, and Safari.

Additionally, various apps also work by blocking your kids’ access to App Store and Play Store and stop in-app purchases.

Time Restrictions

Worried on what proportion the time your kid spends online? Well, you are relaxing because the top best parental control apps have gotten this aspect covered.

There are tons of applications like Norton Family Premier which permit you to trace the number of hours your kid was online. Further, they even allow you to line a correct schedule on how long can your child access the internet during a day.

You can even customize these rules further and set different internet usage limits for various days of the week. Applications like Net Nanny allow you to define a complete internet usage limit, while there are other apps like Qustodio which permit you to line different time schedules for various apps than on.

Location Tracking

While keeping a track of your child’s internet activities is ok, a parental control app should even be ready to report their location to you. However, it’s also equally important to possess some level of intelligence in order that your app doesn’t keep bombarding you about your child’s location every now then. Norton Family and Qustodio perform well in both these conditions.

Some services even allow you to line alerts when your kid crosses a certain location or returns back. Kaspersky Safe Kids is one such application that allows you to geofence, thus ensuring that your kid is where it’s alleged to be.


On a mean, most parental control apps work fine with both iOS and Android. These apps allow you to possess a fast check out the dashboard, customize settings, and consider reports right from your tablet or phone. This proves useful for the oldsters and other admins.

When talking about the devices which may be monitored, both iOS and Android devices are often tracked pretty much. However, most apps find it difficult to supply a variety of features for iOS thanks to the restrictions imposed by OS.

When using an iOS device, you would possibly get to download mobile device management to form your app function better.


The next important aspect – cost. Undoubtedly, your select parental control app should be in your budget.

As expected, the majority of the parental control apps require you to pay to support the number of devices you would like to watch. the worth can vary between $10 and $30 for monitoring and will go as high as $100 during a few cases for quite one or two devices.

Additionally, there are also a couple of apps that give the essential services free of charge and ask you to buy the opposite premium services. Further, there are other apps that require you to pay in bundle regardless of the number of devices you monitor.

Get The Best Parental Control App To Stay Your Kids Safe

Although installing the best parental control apps help to an outsized extent, it’s important to say here that oldsters must take the time and talk with their kids on the usage of the internet and why they need installed monitoring software on their device.

This is because being safe may be a cumulative responsibility and your kid should skill to be safe rather than you imposing restrictions whenever on them. 

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