Top 5 Web Browser Automation Testing Tools You Need for Testing Your Web Apps

You can’t overlook maintaining a solid online presence these days, “especially” if your company deals in cloud-based products or services. But have you ever thought, what kind of experience should you provide to your target customers, so they choose your brand over others? If yes, you might come up with ideas like high-quality merchandise, superb post-sales service, least cost of ownership, round-the-clock customer support, or low product maintenance. Although these things will make a significant difference to your sales, it’s an excellent user experience in the first place that will draw your potential customers to your inventories. If your brand’s website or web app doesn’t function well on various real devices, the chances are high you would be far from acquiring massive loyal customers. So, the question arises, how to deal with your web app or website issues so it attracts the highest traffic, boosts your visitor’s engagement, and ultimately evokes people to buy your products or service? Well, to achieve these goals, all you need to do is use tried-and-tested web browser automation testing tools.

Now the first question that might have crossed your mind straight away is what does web browser automation testing tools mean right? So, let’s see first:

What are Web Browser Automation Testing Tools?

You can understand Browser Automation Tools as software packages that come in handy to automate your web browser so that it can carry out repetitive and error-prone tasks. A case in point here could be filling out long HTML forms or other similar jobs. Remember, although QAs require various skill levels to use most web browser automation testing tools, there are still a few applications as easy to use for a beginner as an expert, such as Katalon Studio and TestProject.

With that discussed, it’s time to “take a look” at some of the finest web application testing tools, known for improving the reliability of your application, reducing turnaround time, and most importantly, increasing your return on investment.

Five Best Web Browser Automation Testing Tools Every QA Must Use

1. Katalon Studio

If you want to have a comprehensive automation framework that can help you run the Web, Mobile, API, and Desktop application testing effortlessly, this is it. With over half a million users worldwide, “Katalon Studio” is the most suitable app test tool for novice and experienced testing professionals. Do you know why? Because both of them can leverage the multipurpose and practical features of this software, leading to a stress-free testing procedure.

Some of its prominent features are:

  1. Flexible test design
  2. Selenium-migration support
  3. Centralized report dashboard
  4. Powerful test execution
  5. Reduced test maintenance cost
  6. Support for multiple testing methodologies

2. TestProject

If you don’t have deep pockets as of now or “simply” don’t want to put considerable money on a web app test tool, then TestProject could “easily” meet your needs. Do you know how? It is the first FREE test automation tool globally that makes web testing a breeze. Just to let you know, more than 100,000 users are benefitting from this software, including beginners and seasoned test engineers.

A few of its robust capabilities are:

  1. No complex setup or framework maintenance

    2. Codeless AI-powered test recorder

    3.Over 1,500 built-in test automations

    4. Open-source SDK support for four programming languages

    5. Real-time test reports and dashboards

    6. Easy integration to Jenkins, Sauce Labs, TeamCity, and many more features


This app test software is most appropriate for any company that counts on software for operations or development. Besides that, it is also a perfect resource for businesses looking to automate their back-office functions or software testing processes.

A wide range of qualities ZAPTEST gets known for are:

  1. Functional and Performance Test Automation
  2. Seamless Test + RPA Software Automation
  3. DevOps (Mock-ups) Automation
  4. Cross-Platform (Parallel) Execution
  5. API Testing
  6. Auto-Documentation

4. Testpad

Testpad is another web application testing tool on this list that is a simple and more accessible kind of framework. Do you know what the most exciting part of this test software is? It uses a well-organized test plan that you can adapt to several styles, including:

  1. Exploratory testing
  2. Syntax highlighted BDD
  3. The manual side of Agile
  4. And, also conventional test case management

5. TestComplete

The most crucial thing you must learn about TestComplete is that it allows you to create reusable tests for many web apps, including React and Angular, on over 2000 web browsers and platform configurations.

A handful of its unique features are:

  1. Superior object recognition
  2. Code or codeless test creation
  3. Support for testing organizational applications, like Salesforce and SAP

Closing Thoughts

We hope you learned about the popular web browser automation testing software available on the market through this blog post. So, if you found this content “helpful” for the quality analysis of your apps and want to outsource your app testing now, please have a word with the most famous app testing firm in the USA.



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