Things to Know Before Hiring a Data Labelling Service

When running a business, one of the most important decisions you need to make is doing things in-house or outsourcing a service. However, most companies unanimously agree that it’s better to hire a service to do it for you regarding data labelling.

Data labelling can be time-consuming and resource-heavy, depending on the volume of data that needs to be annotated. It involves parsing through each file and labelling each element so that the AI model can interpret the information and use it as the basis for future decisions. Even if you have enough skilled individuals who can take on the task, it’s still wiser to have your employees focus on things that could directly benefit your business instead of doing mindless work.

However, hiring a data labelling service isn’t as straightforward as calling up the first search result on Google. Here are some tips guaranteed to land you a data labelling service that will suit you best.

Ask yourself what you need

As with any company, some specialize in certain services. For example, if you need video annotations or audio labelling, it may be best to look for companies that advertise their expertise in that area. If you have multiple needs, like text, image, and audio labelling, take all that into account when you select your service provider.

Prepare an NDA

A non-disclosure agreements (NDA) can ensure that your data is kept private. However, without NDAs, there is no stopping the service from selling your annotated data to other companies once the contract is over. So it is crucial, especially if you’re developing a new AI model or software that can give your business an edge over the competition.

Canvass prices

Don’t just reach out to just one company. Try emailing at least three to get a gauge on the price range for the service you require. By contacting multiple companies, you have an idea when one is overcharging. However, this doesn’t mean you should immediately opt for the cheapest service. There are valid reasons why a company could inflate its prices. They could have experience working with prestigious clients and a stellar reputation in the industry. They could also do the work in less time or provide additional services that could benefit you. Consider all these before deciding on who to hire.

Check their reviews

If you’re unable to decide which company to choose, let their client testimonials be your guide. Instead of just looking at their website, look through third-party review sites, as the company has little to no control over what clients can say on these platforms. Try to reach out to their former clients directly and ask them about their experience with the service. Build a list of pros and cons to get a more thorough idea of what to expect when working with this company.

It takes a lot of trust to work with another company, especially when handling sensitive data. This is why you should take the time to research all your options before choosing. The time you put into researching will be worth it since you’re assured that you’re getting service that’s reliable and cost-effective.




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