The Ultimate Checklist for conducting an exhibition display

The Ultimate Checklist for conducting an exhibition display

If there is a master of all trades in any workforce, it is the HR department. HR managers have to extract potential from the best minds in an organization and allocate it to the perfect area. They have to be firm but kind, vigilant but relaxed, and energetic but calm. These are exactly the qualities that also make them best at event management. And if there is a must-have event for businesses, it is an exhibition.

Exhibitions are one of the best promotional events for businesses. They can help you showcase what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. As exciting and rewarding as they are, they need a lot of micromanagement and delegation. So if you are having an HR manager conduct an exhibition for your event, they need to be extremely vigilant.
From choosing the perfect place to finding the utilities, the checklist for conducting exhibitions are long.

You have to make sure you buy the right stands and from good providers, you also have to delegate and distribute work effectively. There is hardly any room for mistakes.
Here is an exhaustive checklist to cross things off before you conduct any exhibition
Venue The venue of any exhibition makes or breaks the vibe of the event. If you want people to notice and attend your exhibition, make sure you organize it in a place that is accessible and easy to reach even for professionals. Moreover, the decor and ambiance of the venue can influence how people perceive your business. You need to make sure that the lighting, the carpets, and the floor covering, and even the exhibits somewhat reflect what your company stands for.

Utilities and Support Equipment

Utilities and support equipment are the skeletal bones for any events. Consequently, it is very easy to miss out on a few of them. Here are a few basic utilities that you must double-check before the commencement of your exhibition-

 Electricity: Make sure you have a back-up in case the main system runs out. No one can see exhibits in a dark room.
 Internet: Contact your provider and let them know that you need high-speed connectivity for your event in case you plan to do any presentations.

 Waste bins: Where there are people, there is a waste.

You want your pop up exhibition stands to be classy and clean so do not forget the waste bins.
 Cutlery/Cups/Plates: Refreshments give your prospective customers a happiness boost. But you need good quality vessels to serve them in. So make sure you have the cups and plates with you before you announce about refreshments.


Exhibits are the main attraction of your exhibition. These are the things people come to see. Naturally, you have to make sure that these are attractive enough to increase your client list, and professional enough to retain the one you already have.
You also have to decide in advance what kind of displays you want. Whether you want wide poster displays, shell scheme panels, or foamex signages. All these decisions must be taken before you place an order for designing and printing for your exhibits.


To ensure good quality print for your exhibits, make sure you hire a multi-tasking provider. Their printing services are phenomenal and they ensure quick and effective delivery. While your SMG department can create eye-catching graphics, the best printing service provider will reproduce their designs on a variety of crisp display stand at an efficient cost.

Team Management

This is where your role as a Human Resource Manager takes a corporal shape. Along with work delegation and making sure each person on duty completely understands their role, you have to make sure that there is clarity in instructions and proper communication between everyone.

Timeline and Paperwork

For everything to go smoothly, you must make sure that you have the exact timeline for the event ready with you a day in advance. The exact time you will start when refreshments will be announced when the exhibits will be unveiled etc. Anything and everything that you can predict shall be in the timeline which should be communicated to your colleagues.

To avoid any delays, the paperwork for the event should be done in advance. Make sure you carry all the permits and documents for the event as hard copies with you. Most probably you won’t have to reproduce these before any authorities, but you can never be too prepared.

Safety Regulations

Before conducting any event, you must ensure that everyone from the employees working to the attendees are safe. This can only be possible if you take every possible safety measure you can. You can do this by employing a safety officer from your workforce and working with them to draft a cushion plan for the event. As a general rule, make sure the venue you have chosen does not have any safety violations and double-check the larger exhibits and stands for stability and sturdiness.


An exhibition has the potential of driving a lot of business to your company. If done right, it can leave a lasting impression on my prospective clients. So it’s time to bring your Hospitality A-game on and build the most scintillating and memorable exhibition with the help of your team and your staff.



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