Home GAMES Five Best Minecraft Survival Servers in 2020

Five Best Minecraft Survival Servers in 2020

Five Best Minecraft Survival Servers in 2020

Five Best Minecraft Survival Servers in 2020

  • Several Minecraft servers are dedicated to creating a fulfilling survival experience for its players.
  • Here are the top 5 best Minecraft survival servers that you should try in 2020.

While Minecraft’s survival gameplay has fallen in popularity in new times, many players still love the challenge. To boost the popularity of survival games, unusual servers come up with unique and fun ideas to spice up gamers’ experience.

With considerably challenging gameplay and decent game mechanism, these survival Minecraft servers gain more traction as time passes.

Five best Minecraft survival servers in 2020

1. Lemon Cloud

IP Address: play.lemoncloud.org

Lemon Cloud is one of Minecraft’s best servers, with new kinds of survival game modes available for the fans to take from. While they have a survival mode as outstanding, their best contribution is maybe the OP Prison, in which you wake up in an underground prison with other inmates, and your purpose in the game is to dig and escape from the prison.

This server is perfect for people watching for survival gameplay with a vibrant in-game economy, but with a twist.

2. The Mining Dead

IP Address: join.miningdead.com

A zombie apocalypse has a right impressive survival setting. If you add the story, characters, and locations of the Walking Dead to the mix, this can be a game-changer if it appears to Minecraft survival servers.

In the server inspired by this hit TV series, the players can spawn in The Walking Dead world, replete with recreations of the show’s actual locations, like the prison, Alexandria, Woodbury. If you’re yet not convinced, let Rick Grimes take over in this trailer for the server.

3. Herobrine

IP Address: Herobrine.org

Herobrine has ever been one of the best Minecraft servers of all-time. With a strong focus on survival modes and plenty of other choices such as Skyblock, Factions, and Bed Wars, players will have difficulty choosing which kind of a survival adventure they need to start playing in.

Whichever you end up taking, though, Herobrine executes them all well.

4. Altitude

IP Address: play.alttd.com

Altitude is one of the best and quickest developing survival community in Minecraft. With four separate survival game servers, this community also allows its players to switch between the servers at any time and provides your list, levels, and in-game economy over to the next one.

So you can play on any server at any time, without having to waste your game progress!

5. Bedwars Games

IP Address: bedwars.games

Bedwars Games is one Minecraft server that concentrates majorly on the Bedwars kind of survival gameplay. But due to their increasing fans, they have also begun adding new types of game modes such as OP Factions, in which survivors clamp into teams who then engage in PvP gameplay, as well as OP Prison and a new customs Sims style game mode, known as the ‘City Life.’




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