A Practical Guide to Link Building

A Practical Guide to Link Building

Link building can help your website visibility to a large extent and improve your website ranking on the search engine. When other websites and blogs link with your site’s page, the search engine crawl looks at the various websites to determine how good your content is. By using effective link building tactics, it demonstrates that other websites have trust in your site and increases its viability on the search engine that improves the rank. With an improved ranking, the number of visitors will also increase in proportion.

How Should You Go About With Link Building?

If you are new to search engine optimization, link building is a great way to start SEO. Here are some things to follow.

Reliable Content

The link will be connected to your website’s content, so the first rule is to create high-quality content. It should be well-researched and should speak directly to the target audience, answering their questions without jargon. It should have related images and should have updated information.

Websites will readily agree to share their links with you if your website has impeccable content. If your content is exceptional, not only will you link to other websites, but other websites will want to link with you too! That means, every time a visitor visits the other website, they come to your website too, and it increases your website traffic in turn.

Long form Content

It has been seen that long form-content generates more chances of link building. This is because it is well-researched and offers insights into several aspects. It looks into various perspectives and thus creates greater scope for link building in all those domains.
Every idea discussed in that content creates a new opportunity for link building with a website that looks specifically into that idea. A 2000 word content is considered ideal. A content that is 3000 words long gets about 70% more hits than content, which is less than 1000 words.

Quoting Industry Experts

When you bring in links from other sources, try to link to industry experts' websites as much as possible. Bring up their quotations and data and then create a backlink to their website to show what you say is true. This speaks for the validity of your content and reinstates the audience’s faith in your website.

When you hyperlink your website with that of an expert's, the audience gets access to statistics and data to make a more informed decision. You can also go the extra length and request an interview from the expert and include it to your website, with a backlink to theirs. This may add a lot of credibility to yours.

Entrusting Social Media

Modern link-building encompasses social media in a big way. Even if you do not have experts giving you an interview, even if you cannot get a blogger to share their link with you, you can still share your website widely on social media. Some have gone so far as to say that conventional link building might soon be a thing of the past with social media marketing.

It would be ideal to use both conventional ways of link building and use the social media
platform to get your website the maximum exposure. The number game becomes important because audiences see how many shares and like your website link has received and how many followers you have managed to gain.

The more shares your website has, the more visitors it will receive. Make sure every time you use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or LinkedIn, you leave a link directing the audience to your site.

Build Links from Data Blogs

Apart from experts, you can also build your links with platforms with detailed articles and
content written by industry experts, and you will find any number of them which will add depth to your content. Do this every time you make a specific claim.

Linking to reliable news outlets like Business Insider, the Guardian, or Huffington Post also
creates the same effect. Audiences find relief when they see any information backed by data, increasing their trust in your site.

If you have linked to any particular blog, you could send a message or email to the respective blogger, telling them you linked with their blog. They are sure to express their appreciation for the trust you have placed in them, and it could also pave the way for future partnerships.

With link building strategies, your website will get the exposure it deserves. True, that not all of them will eventually convert into long-term clients, but it will get you noticed by the right people over time and jumpstart your business.



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