Is Down? MangaHub Alternative Sites

Is Down? MangaHub Alternative Sites is a platform for Japanese comics lovers. The Manga enthusiasts can review their chosen comics here in the MangaHub. Comic books are usually rather pricey. It is not continually possible to obtain those. MangaHub has a different collection of the best comic books. Popular Manga genres are all easily available on the site.

MangaHub is the best online Manga reader platform that is fairly basic yet feature-rich. It is an inclusive platform for manga fans and gives numerous Manga to check out, anime series to stream. It is different related to MangaDex and other Alternative sites yet supplies just the same services and features.

What is MangaHub? is pretty much the best site for online manga readers. MangaHub is classified as a scanlation website. It allowed a checked and translated copy of the first comics in many other languages.

MangaHub is the most favored free Manga reader. It has a substantial audience. They all like the website for its kind in the category. The search mechanism is rather sound. They upgrade their website fairly typically. 

So, all the preferred and brand-new mangas are available in MangaHub.

Is Down? seems to be down.

We have attempted accessing the website using our servers, and we could not connect to the website when Mangahub is also down for you when there is likely a difficulty with their servers. If you thought this is an error, you might proceed to the troubleshooting section to diagnose and fix the issue.

10 MangaHub Alternative Sites

1. MangaEden

Is Down? MangaHub Alternative Sites

MangaEden is a simple to use, Manga streaming website giving manga comics in 2 languages, English and Italian. 

Dragon Ball Super, also One Punch man, is among the most frequently updated manga comics on the website. There are two most feeds for updates on the latest episodes in the two languages we discussed before. 

What I liked 

  • Ease of use
  •  The entire website is honest, with no hidden functionalities that would require time to discover. You can add your favorite best Manga to your collection and stay up-to-date about the release of their latest new episodes from the MyManga feed.
  • Minimal ads
  •  There is a minimal appearance of advertisements on both mobile and desktop websites of the Manga Eden.

What I did not like

  • No resume reading support
  •  Unlike MangaFox, MangaOwl, and others, users cannot resume from where a person left reading. They have to manually flip over the pages and recall the manga comic’s point where they left off to pick up from there.

2. Manganelo

Is Down? MangaHub Alternative Sites

Manganelo MangaHub Alternative Site is amongst those manga-translation websites used by many manga search engines and manga books databases to stream its manga comics uploads on their platform. 

Vertical scroll feed for viewing the next page of the Manga’s episode is available on Manganelo.

  • What I liked 
  • Most Popular Mangas list
  • After making your favorite manga comic, you can see the website’s right sidebar, Most Popular Manga, which lists the various popular mangas on the site. They are frequently updated by what is popular on a real-time basis. Manga comics like Stories of Demons and Gods, I became legend a decade following, is on the top evenly.
  • Internet Data Saving reading
  • Many users read Manga online comics on metered or limited data. There is an opportunity to load all images at once choice, which can be turned off, meaning the next page will load just the user scrolls downwards. It assists in saving data for people who are on the look to be conservative with mobile data. Watching on the brighter side, readers can load all the episode images at once while waiting connected to a WiFI network and an Internet network without a data cap.
  • What I did not like:
  • No Mobile app
  •  There is no official and supported app for Manganelo readers.

3. MangaOwl

Is Down? MangaHub Alternative Sites

MangaOwl MangaHub Alternative site is one of the top best Mangastream Alternatives available out there. Both are known for releasing WSJ series episodes before the official release. The site has done 52 genres of Manga, ordering from Action to Yuri. 

Users can too submit Manga from the collection section. All Manga series and their episodes have unique user ratings, which may help readers discover good manga series.

What I liked 

  • Continue reading from where you left.
  •  Readers can leave halfway for different errands and resume from the point wherever they left reading. The resume reading tab provides the feature to resume reading from a manga chapter to resume reading.
  • User rating
  •  Manga readers can rate a series. This would help different readers save time while deciding to start reading a special manga series.

What I did not like

  • No discussion forum
  •  The comment system on a Manga series’s site does not cut it for readers who would like to discuss it at length.

4. MangaFox

Is Down? MangaHub Alternative Sites

There are two sites listed Mangafox, MangaHub Alternative site while one we mentioned is renowned and popular, gives one piece manga stream as excellent, while the latter does not. The famous manga scanlation site has both WSJ and WSM manga series and includes Shotacon, Smut.

MangaFox app is almost popular among smartphone using manga stream users. The apps are not available on the leading operating systems’ official app stores, namely Android, iOS. MangaFox suggests the MangaZone app for reading their scanlations.

What I liked 

  • Frequently updated Manga comics.
  •  New latest episodes of a Manga series are released on the same day as the official release. Readers of most popular Manga series like Black clover, Black butler, more. Wouldn’t have to wait high for reading their favorite best manga comic.
  • User-friendly app
  •  The Manga Zone app suggested by MangaFox is effortless and reasonably simple to use. Functionalities like adaptive zoom-in embedded comment visibility make the experience worthwhile.

What I did not like

  • A limited collection of Manga series
  •  Apart from the most popular manga series, there is a lack of indie manga collections with less demand among the readers.

5. MangaDex

MangaDex is the scanlation website with one of the bigest collections of Shonen, Josei, Sheinen, and webtoon manga comics. Manga comics are available on this site in over 20 languages, including German, Italian, also. 

Multiple Manga versions are available, including a colored version, Alternative fan-fiction ends, and official crossover manga series.

Groups can be formed for collecting, sharing, discussing, or uploading manga series. Readers can support particular groups of their liking based on manga releases, edits, more. 

What I liked 

  • Active community
  •  Aside from the comment-based discussion, there is a separate forum for the community members to communicate, discuss their favorite Manga, artist collaboration, etc.
  • User-friendly Mobile and Desktop websites
  •  Both mobile and desktop sites of MangaDex are incredibly user-friendly. While some manga stream sites need basic functionalities like a dark-mode, there are many choices apart from dark-mode like dark-bronze, abyss, etc., becoming the long-duration manga reading experience fairly easy in the eyes of the readers.

What I did not like

  • Some Manga episodes are not available.
  •  Most modern episodes Popular Manga series from WSJ(Shonen), such as Black Clover, are not available. This prompt to read on MangaPlus, an official Black Clover’s publisher’s official site, pops up on the screen.

6. MangaFreak

MangaFreak is one of these underrated scanlation sites for Manga with a plethora of content across various genres. The website is not as popular as its competitors that I have discussed earlier.

It is amongst some manga comic sites that provide downloading manga comics.

What I liked 

  • Episode Bookmark without registration
  •  Readers can pick up where they left in a special character of the Japanese manga series. There is no want to create an account on the website for using this feature. All you need to do is keep your web browser’s cookies (desktop or smartphone) intact. While more simplistic words do not clear cookies if clearing history from your web browser.
  • Download free Manga comics.
  •  Readers can download the manga comics for reading offline without the desire to stay connected to the Internet. It is among some of those websites that provide downloading comics and does not get a dime.

What I did not like

  • Excessive overlapping ads
  •  Although there is an opinion that these websites cost money to run, and the owners want the funds to keep them afloat, overlapping ads will do more harm than good if other Mangastream Alternatives are available with minimal advertisements on their website.

7. MangaPark

MangaPark is with the most renowned manga scanlation MangaHub Alternative sites on the Internet. It is considered a suitable Alternative to now-defunct KissManga, the place to be for reading manga.

What I liked 

  • Custom number of images per page
  •  Load as many as 10 images per page or 1 chapter page. Any readers don’t prefer loading images for the next page, while some of them also favor.
  • Sisters sites as a backup
  •  Manga Park has sister sites related MangaWindow and Bato. It virtually has the same content but a different domain URL. If one of the manga stream websites is blocked, you can watch the additional two.

What I did not like

  • Not bookmark in between episodes
  •  There is no choice to bookmark inside an episode for resuming it later.

8. TenManga

TenManga is a nearly new scanlation site on the block with all the right ingredients to provide some respite to the veteran manga comic site readers. They are searching for a reliable Mangastream Alternative.

What I liked 

  • Interactive-real time search
  • Clicking on the search button pops starts an interactive search box that searches also displays the result in an interactive exclusive pop-up window, which provides a neat touch to the overall user experience.
  • Wide variety of Indie manga books/comics
  •  Tenmaga has a nice collection of lesser-known Indie manga comics, books that cater to smaller audiences.

What I did not like

    • No community
    •  There is no forum, discussion panel, and comment system for passionate manga readers to discuss manga comics.

9. MangaHere

MangaHere has a huge collection of over 10,000 manga comics, growing every day with many Manga versions. The site address(URL) has frequently changed because of the DMCA cases on the site. 

What I liked 

  • Different modifications of Manga
  •  Manga, on most sites, is of the Japanese version. MangaHere provides different Manga variants like Korean Manga, Chinese Manga, Hong Kong Manga, and European Manga.
  • Add comments on this magazine itself.
  • Readers can post “Danmaku” at the manga episodes images themselves. Tap a Danmaku of a maximum of 80 characters and tap/click on the chapter’s image where you need to pin it.

What I did not like

  • Lack of reading experience-enhancing benefits
  •  There is no choice to bookmark inside a chapter for returning it later.

10. MangaPanda

MangaPanda is Manga streaming with an interface comparable to Mangastream. Each manga comic series can be listed down grammatically. 

What I liked 

  • Surprise me button
  •  Uncertainty in using the next manga series is a problem that we are all familiar with. Tap/click on the Wonder me button, and a randomly chosen manga by the system will see on your screen.
  • No Registration required
  •  Manga comics can be read without registration and creating an account.

What I did not like

  • Infrequent updates recently
  •  Some of the Mangas do not get as frequent updates as they use to.

Alternatives Steps

In addition to the Mangahub Alternatives mentioned above sites, you can also use Manga Plus and Viz, which are currently free and legal sites to read manga online.


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