Is It True That Technology Helped With The Rise In Sports Betting Popularity?

Fast-moving the gaming business is a result of technological advancement. Sportsbooks, for example, leverages big data analytics to enhance the online customer experience.

Technology has made it possible for users to access online wagering sites on the go. Whether on the train or in a Taxi, gamblers may examine odds and markets using their smartphones but how else has technology helped the rise of online sports bookies!?

Technologies That Changed The iGaming Industry

Let’s delve deeper into some of the world-changing technologies that have also shifted the gaming industry.

Mobile Phones & Apps

Mobile sports betting applications are the largest major breakthrough of all time for bookies. In a time not so long ago consumers would have to travel to betting establishments to make bets, this was years before smartphones were commonplace.

Smartphones have made it easier for people to gamble at sporting events. As a result, bookmakers have seen a rise in revenue. When given the option to pick between smartphone betting apps and betting shops, how many sports bettors would select the former? The bulk of people will choose mobile wagering in this circumstance. As a result, betting sites have improved their user interface and overall experience.

The majority of the top online bookies in UK 2022 have their own mobile app. Deposits and withdrawals are quick and easy because of the applications’ availability on the most common operating systems.


Several businesses, particularly sports betting, have been impacted by blockchain technology. First and foremost, bitcoin is perhaps the most popular use case of blockchain technology. Bitcoin is rapidly being accepted as a form of payment by e-commerce firms.

Due to the growing popularity of bitcoin,  online bookies have started to accept cryptocurrency withdrawals and deposits. Digital currency’s high level of confidentiality and anonymity are two of its most appealing features.

Firstly, two-factor authentication makes it difficult to hijack a crypto wallet. Furthermore, since cryptocurrency wallets don’t gather any personal details, bettors may keep all betting activities confidential.

The advent of decentralised applications is another way blockchain technology has transformed the sports betting sector. To reach a new audience, several sportsbooks develop decentralised applications on networks like Ethereum.

Payment Methods

Before mobile or online betting could become a thing the monetary issue had to be solved. In the early days of the internet, many users were sceptical about trusting their hard-earned funds online. Today of course the mentality has changed but this is only due to the number of security options we have available today. 3-RD party payment methods the likes of Paypal and skrill made payment methods more trustworthy. Sports bookies, as well as online casinos, were quick to realise that the success of the iGaming industry depended heavily on the number of payment methods and currencies accepted.

Today not only do bookies offer secure encryptions and go to extreme lengths to ensure the data is not breached, but they also offer a plateau of payment methods to choose from including the most recent, cryptocurrencies.

Customer Service

Customer service options, as well as agents, have improved over the years. This is due to a number of reasons including better training over the years. Yet it has to be noted that the improvements to customer service come in the ability and options of getting in touch with live agents. Back in the day, you would have to travel all the way back to the bookie and we do mean travel… calling a bookie back in the day was known to get you no results since it was rarely answered. Online bookies today thankfully no longer rely on just email or phone options but today one can make use of live chat and all of its benefits. Here users can send screenshots in real-time to get any assistance required.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and gaming might be a match made in heaven. For many, the environment found in a brick-and-mortar bookie that also showcased the game is excoriating. Today with the use of VR one can actually enjoy certain sports using a VR headset. Although at the moment this is rare it’s a cool concept. Currently, VR is primarily found in the online casino sector with live dealer tables and the metaverse.


Technologies will have large impacts on industries and shape the way the world, as well as businesses, will function. Just like when gamestop ps5 restocks were difficult since it was huge for the gaming scene technological-wise since it was a next-gen console the introduction of mobile gaming was a massive hit! Several technologies have shifted the iGaming industry as we know it today, it would be unwise to say technology has not helped this industry. The amount of space, staff and time online bookies save on is insane compared to a brick and mortar bookie especially when you compare the volumes of people received by both.



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