Setting Your Home Office Up for Success

Setting Your Home Office Up for Success

Although the COVID-19 outbreak originally necessitated the mass shift from in-office to remote work, many businesses will likely allow employees to continue working from home even after the pandemic subsides. Not that employers and employees have had a taste of remote work, many have come to see the arrangement’s benefits. For example, having a remote workforce drastically reduces overhead expenses and saves transportation time and costs.

However, the work-from-home flow doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Many employees struggle to strike a balance between comfort and productivity. If this sounds like you, the issue may be your workspace. To set yourself up for success, you need an at-home office that helps you stay focused for the entire workday. If you’ve yet to establish a space that works for you, consider the following tips for sprucing up your space.

Create a Space You Enjoy

If you didn’t love the atmosphere at your company office, working from home is an opportunity to create a workspace that you genuinely enjoy. The key is to let your personality shine through in the design. For example, it may be labor-intensive up-front, but repainting your at-home office walls a color that you love can boost your spirits and even your productivity.

Acquire Ergonomic Supplies

Ergonomics is the science of designing comfortable, practical, and productive working environments. Flopping on your bed or lying back on your sofa while working sounds fun, but it will quickly take a toll on your body. You need a space intentionally designed to help you focus, limit distractions, and reduce any physical strain your body may experience. Office work may not sound physically challenging, but it is. Constantly typing, hunching over your computer, and sitting for long periods can put a strain on your body.

That’s why you need proper posture to limit the pressure on your wrists and back. Your chair, keyboard, mouse, screen, and desk height must be in the correct position for your comfort and health. Your chair should be a shape that supports your back and keeps you in the correct posture while you work. Your desk should align to your height so that when you are seated, the computer and papers are at the appropriate elevation.

Install a Strong, Speedy Internet Connection

You also need a strong, reliable, secure internet connection to work efficiently remotely. The internet will be your communication channel and the means with which you can access the company server. It will also open your home office to the benefits and wonders of cloud computing.

Especially if you work with sensitive data, you may need computer networking setup services to set your virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is a safe network that gives you access to company files, emails, and data centers. Your computer will also need the latest firewall, antivirus, spam filters, and other security software.

Minimize Distractions

The potential distractions are endless when you work from home, so you’ll want to remove anything from your office that may pull your focus away from your work.

Ideally, you will be able to turn a room into a fully furnished office. A fully furnished home office can house all your equipment and make it easier to shut the world out while you work. Some people may not have that option, and the best you can do is to occupy part of a room. If that’s the case, choose a space that will give you good lighting and low traffic if you live with family or roommates.

Select a Smart Assistant

Smart assistants are AI programs that can help you organize your day, meetings, and tasks. There are excellent options on the market, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

Working remotely is no excuse for missing meetings, calls, or deadlines. Smart assistants effectively keep you organized by setting up appointments, booking recurring meetings, making to-do lists, and setting up calls. They have other useful features like taking notes, controlling the air conditioning, running appliances, and playing music while you work.

Success by Design

Companies invest a lot of capital in providing safe, pleasant, and productive workplaces. Since employees are now working from home, the onus is now on them to create their workspace. The potential to build an ideal workspace is within your reach if you follow the tips above. It may require financial investment and some manual work, but it’s in your best interest to enjoy where you work.



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