11 Best Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis and Marijuana seeds and the desire to cultivate personal marijuana have grown in popularity in recent years, owing to the 2018 Farm Bill, which authorized hemp cultivation and contributed to the expansion of the cannabis/hemp industry.

There are countless cannabis seeds for online sale. However, not all of them are responsible, so reading the well-known seed banks that export to the United States is vital.

We’ve produced a complete list of the top 11 cannabis store marijuana seed banks to help you identify credible seed banks online. We’ve discussed the product’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as the numerous discounts and other characteristics that set it apart from the competition.

11 Best Seed Banks for Marijuana Seeds with US Shipping

1. Seedsman – Excellent for Selected Marijuana Strains Cannabis Seeds

Best Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

  • Seedsman
  • Choose between…
  • Orders can be discounted by up to 20%.
  • Shipping is discrete cannabis near me.
  • Shipping is available worldwide.
  • Various payment options


  • Additional shipping costs may apply.
  • Feminized, Autoflowers, RegularFast, strains are available as seeds.

Seedsman cannabis store rules the realm of specialized strains. They also produce their own seeds, with an extra stock of 1500 strains collected from over 65 seed banks worldwide!

Not only do they sell popular seeds, but they also sell medical seeds that can aid with anxiety, pain, arthritis, weariness, and other problems. The cannabis dispensary near me website features a strain finder option that allows you to hunt up seeds based on desired traits such as high THC cannabis stocks.

  • Isn’t that great?
  • Their international shipping adds to the seasoning.
  • You may order your seeds from anywhere in the world.

You also won’t have to stress about customs seizing your shipment because there’s discreet shipping with the chance to trace your transaction. Finally, you will receive at least one free seed as well as a 25% discount + four free seeds on Bitcoin orders.

2. Crop King Seeds is the best Canadian seed bank.

Best Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

  • Crop King Seeds
  • Select for…
  • The germination rate of 80%
  • Delivery with discretion
  • Toll-free client service
  • Various payment options


  • Somewhat higher prices
  • Autoflower, FeminizedRegular, CBDMix and Match seeds are available.

Crop King Seeds has been providing cannabis seeds to customers since 2005, with over 40 strains of its seeds being available in over 300 retailers across Canada.

It is without a doubt one of the top Canadian seed banks!

The wonderful thing is that you get a wide variety of strains, particularly with auto-flowering and feminized seeds keep cannabis storage. If you’re unsure what seed to plant, choose mix & match seeds and grow several strains simultaneously!

  • New to farming?
  • Don’t be concerned.

There are several guiding directions available to assist you quickly learning the ins and outs of marijuana growing. With customer service available now 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cherry on top is an 80% germination guarantee, so you can farm with confidence knowing your seeds will sprout in plenty.

Have I informed you that orders over $200 receive free international discreet shipping, and orders over $420 receive 10 free seeds?

3. Herbies Seeds – Best Seed Bank with Free Seeds

Best Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

  • Herbies Seeds
  • Choose between…
  • Guaranteed covert shipping
  • Seed testing for high-quality genetics
  • Extra seeds with every order, Various payment methods


  • International shipping might be accelerated.
  • Feminized, Autoflowered, Regular seeds are available.
  • CBD content is high.

Herbies Seeds has announced the commencement of online Cannabis Seed sales in Thailand. Learn why buying cannabis seeds in Thailand from Herbies is a good choice and what makes shopping at our seed store so satisfying.

Herbies Seeds has been producing high-quality cannabis seeds for over ten years. On their website, they sell over 3000 cannabis seeds!

In the UK and Europe, Thailand purchases over £100 qualify for free shipping. With stealth shipping and the ability to trace your order, which is quite a sport in nations with tight marijuana legislation. The icing on the cakes is that all orders include complimentary cannabis seeds, with more seeds awarded for every £20 purchased.

There have been many complaints about sluggish customer assistance. Herbies Seeds, on the other hand, has a 4.5 Trustpilot rating!

4. Seed City – The Best Online Seed Bank for Sales and Deals

Best Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

  • Seed City
  • Choose between…
  • Deals (up to 40% off) regularly.
  • Shipping is inexpensive.
  • Free seeds with every transaction, Various payment methods


  • The website appears to be a tiny out of the current.
  • Feminized seeds, Autoflo-flowering, seedsRegular seeds are available.
  • Cheese | Indica | Cannabis Sativa | High CBD | High THC

Seed City has been the home of new cannabis seeds at low prices for over ten years. Aside from the already low costs, cannabis shop what distinguishes Seed City is its frequent promotions and specials cannabis oil.

It not only sends free seeds with every buy, but it also has 30-40% deals throughout the year. And don’t believe these transactions are solely for unwanted cannabis seeds because the contrary is true.

Indeed, as of this writing, you can get a 40% discount on the ever-popular Gorilla Glue and Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds.

  • Worldwide covert shipping?
  • Definitely!
  • You may shop without fear of customs taking your young ones.

5. Rocket Seeds – Purchase Cannabis Seeds from Reputable Seed Banks in the United States

Best Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

  • Rocket seeds
  • Choose between…
  • Over $200, you get free international shipping.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • Cannabis seed banks with six functions
  • Weed seeds of superior grade


  • There aren’t as many strains as others.
  • Feminized seeds | Regular seeds | Autoflowering seeds | CBD seeds | Fast Version are available.

Rocket Seeds bills itself as a one-stop online shop for high-quality cannabis seeds. With free international shipping on orders over $200, as well as discreet shipping cannabis gummies.

When you purchase cannabis seeds with Express Registered Shipping, you receive assured delivery and free reshipment for missing or seized products. In case of an issue, the cannabis seed bank provides 24-hour customer service, including a live chat facility to utilize while shopping cannabis flowe.

But what is the true selling point of Rocket Seeds?

They let you compare and buy seeds from six different reputed seed banks, like Crop King Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, and Beaver Seeds, while just paying to ship once.

6. I Love Growing Marijuana – Best All-Around Seed Bank

  • I Love Growing
  • MarijuanaSelect for…
  • Packaging is discrete.
  • Delivery assurance
  • Free US shipping
  • a large selection of seeds


  • Does not ship to Canada or the United Kingdom.
  • Beginner, AutoflowerHigh THC seeds are available.
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Indica, Sativa, High Yielding, Hemp, CBD

Marijuana is the Harvard of seed banks online. With a wide range of growing guidelines to assist both expert and inexperienced marijuana producers in getting the most out of their seeds.

In addition to marijuana seeds, ILGM offers specialized grow kits to ensure your seeds germinate and produce excellent yields and a 100% germination guarantee cannabis strains.

  • Is shipping free?
  • Yes.
  • Cannabis seeds usa
  • You will not be charged to ship to the United States.

Furthermore, orders over $150 qualify for free shipping to Australia and the chance to monitor your cargo!

And if your package does not arrive on time, you are covered by a delivery guarantee, which means that another shipment will be delivered to you for free. The best part is that you receive 10 FREE seeds when you buy auto-flowering and feminized marijuana seeds and 24/7 grow help if you run into any problems.

7. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Seed Bank for Same-Day shipping

  • Quebec Cannabis Seeds
  • BankSelect for…
  • Shipping is quick and inconspicuous.
  • Weekly promotions and sales
  • 24-hour shipping on high CBD medicinal seeds


  • There is no refund policy.
  • Auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, medical marijuana seeds, mixed packs, and outdoor seeds are all available.

Quebec takes pride in producing high-quality marijuana seeds from diverse seed strains. This is supported by the fact that, in addition to seeds cultivated for recreational purposes, high CBD medical seeds may be found to boost your well-being.

And hybrid seeds that don’t require as much attention when growing. You can count on an 80% germination rate. This is comforting, but you can also get growing kits to maximize the development potential of your seeds.

Cannabis seeds for sale purchases over $200 receive free international discreet shipping, with additional seeds on orders over $150. To top it all off, Quebec Seeds has received much favorable feedback, with a 4.5 Trustpilot rating.

8. Gorilla Seeds – Astonishing New 420 Seed Bank

  • Choose Gorilla Seeds for…
  • Guaranteed 100% discrete packing
  • International shipping is expedited.
  • Inexpensive strains
  • A good selection of seed varieties


  • There is no delivery guarantee.
  • AutoFeminized seeds with a high CBD content are available.

Gorilla Seeds may be a newcomer compared to other marijuana seed banks, but it appears to have discovered a happy medium between price and high-quality cannabis.

There is a blog part on the site that will guide you through the ins and outs of gorilla seeds so you can determine which seeds are ideal for you. Extra seeds will be sent with every order.

The larger the order, the more seeds you will receive. Even more, purchases above 99 pounds receive free discreet shipping, with assured rapid worldwide shipping. If your shipment is damaged in shipping, their refund policy permits you to return it within the first seven days.

Furthermore, your anonymity is assured, but you may make anonymous orders on cash or Bitcoin purchases. With a discount of 17% on Bitcoin transactions!

9. Marijuana Seeds NL – Outstanding Stealth Shipping

  • Marijuana Seeds NL
  • Select…
  • Guaranteed covert shipping
  • Seed testing for high-quality genetics
  • Extra seeds with every order, Various payment methods


  • International shipping takes a few weeks.
  • FeminizedAutofloweredRegular seeds are available.
  • CBD content is high.

Marijuana Seeds NL bills itself as the “Original Seed Bank,” has been cultivating and developing its pot seeds genetically for over 20 years and offers a wide variety of strain kinds.

There is an exciting blog part on the website where you can acquire the newest cannabis news and growing instructions to assist you in making smart weed farming selections. MSNL appears to make a name for itself with its better assured worldwide stealth shipping choices, so you won’t have to stress about prying eyes while your cargo is in transit.

Here are some great current deals.

You get free seeds with every buy, a 40% discount on West Coast strains, and a 15% discount on any Bitcoin transactions!

Depending on where you reside, you can begin receiving free shipping on orders over 55 pounds, with relatively quick delivery in the UK and Europe. A return policy covers all of this.

10. Attitude Seedbank – Cheap Pot Seeds

  • Attitude Seedbank
  • Choose between…
  • Regular seed bank promotions
  • A large seed selection
  • Reasonable prices
  • Various payment options


  • Several poor customer service reviews
  • Male and female seeds are available, as well as autoflowers and pick and mix.

Attitude Seedbank bills itself as the link between the greatest cannabis genetics and customers. With hundreds of seed strains in stock right now. The website has a blog area where you can stay updated on new arrivals, payment methods, growing advice, and other topics.

There is also international shipping so that you may obtain your package wherever. With the option of discreet shipping and a delivery guarantee. So, if your package is misplaced, you will be re-shipped.

The best part is that there are monthly and frequent specials. Sign up for their email to be among the first to hear about special offers.

11. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Excellent Autoflowering Pot Seeds

Are you looking for high-quality auto-flowering seeds?

You’ve won the jackpot with Amsterdam Marijuana’s 25 years of experience in excellent seeds. All orders will receive free international shipping. Yes, even ship to the United States with stealth shipping to avoid prying eyes.

Are you new to growing cannabis seeds?

Don’t be concerned.

There is a growing guide to help you along the way and shape you into a weed-growing master. However, the seeds may be a little pricy, but a good crop awaits if you can get over that.

Best Cannabis Seed Banks Online – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Seed Banks Work in the United States?

Seed banks examine the genetic integrity of cannabis seeds by propagating, drying, and performing quality-controlled testing on them.

These seeds are then sealed in moisture-proof bags/containers by these banks. When a customer makes a purchase, the seeds are wrapped discreetly and transported to the buyer’s delivery address.

Can I Buy Cannabis Legally in Any State?

Although marijuana may be purchased in most US states for medical or recreational purposes.

You cannot legally buy cannabis in all states; however, you may legally purchase cannabis for medical purposes in 36 of the 50 states in the United States. In addition, cannabis for recreational use is legal in 18 US states.

Is ILGM a Reliable Seed Bank?

Yes, ILGM is an excellent seed bank. They provide free shipping to the United States and a germination guarantee of 100%. They also carry a decent selection of popular cannabis seeds, each of which has earned hundreds of reviews.

Which Seed Banks Are Trustworthy?

There are now a few legitimate seed retailers. However, for high-quality seeds, an extensive range of strains, decent shipping policies, and even growing guidelines, your best seed bank bets would be I Love Growing Marijuana, Crop King Seeds, and Seedsman.

What is the safest method of payment?

The most secure way to pay for cannabis seeds differs.

Credit card payments are now fairly secure for online cannabis seed banks using an external payment processor. The seed bank receives your money without your credit card details, and the payment processor instantly destroys the customer data.

If you are still hesitant to use a credit card, Bitcoin, cash, and bank transfers are other payment options that ensure anonymity.

Which Cannabis Seeds Should I Purchase?

Purchasing cannabis seeds online is mainly determined by your needs as a grower: If you are new to cannabis cultivation, use beginner-friendly seed strains such as:

  • Seeds of the Northern Lights
  • THC Bomb Cinex seeds AK-47 seeds
  • Seeds of Zkittlez

Growing these seed strains is simpler since they are popular, have high THC levels, and can tolerate rather hard weather conditions. Even better, the majority of them self-flower.

So you won’t have to keep an eye on them all the time. Most rated seed stores sell these cannabis strains, including I Love Growing Marijuana, Crop King Seeds, Seedsman, and even Quebec Seeds. However, if you have prior expertise growing cannabis.

Then it would help if you gave it a go;

  • Feminized blue dream
  • Feminized sour diesel
  • Pink kush Chemdawg Master kush

These cannabis strains often require particular care, such as growing in a moderately protected environment to fight off pests and regular inspection.

However, seeing them through the budding stage will reward you with thick, gorgeous buds that produce a strong high. These high THC strains are available from cannabis seed banks like I Love Growing Marijuana, Crop King Seeds, Marijuana Seeds NL, and others.

The Bottom Line: 

Which Cannabis Seed Company Is the Best?

Whether you’ve grown marijuana before or are new to the process, these seed retailers will provide you with the satisfaction of cultivating and enjoying your own plant.

Marijuana offers the greatest all-around marijuana seed bank features, particularly its high-quality seeds, excellent stealth shipping, and helpful growing guide.

Crop King Seeds, on the other hand, is a terrific alternative if you want a seed bank that ships quickly in Canada. If a vast selection of specialty strains appeals to you, Seedsman is another excellent seed bank to consider.

Harvesting your cannabis is the most beautiful thing in the world, but don’t be selfish; share the insights and ideas you’ve discovered with your pals to help establish a healthy weed community. 


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