Britney Spears and Elton John songs Hold Me Closer

The wait is over: Britney Spears‘ debut single, featuring Elton John, is now available.
Her last unpublished song was six years ago. John devised a novel method in which he combined the words of his greatest successes with Britney’s lyrics to make a new song.

Elton chose two of his most famous songs for this debut collaboration with Britney, including “Tiny Dancer” from the Madman Across the Water album from 1971, 50 years after it was released as a single. He borrowed the opening line of the chorus for this new title from the same song. This might be one of Britney Spears’ most memorable moments.

“Hold Me Closer’s” structure.

You’ve undoubtedly heard parts of this new song before. The opening words are from “The One,” a song from the 1992 album of the same name.

“I saw you dancing out on the sea.”

Running fast through the sand.

A spirit born from earth and water

“You have fire flying from your hands.”

The chorus of the significant part of the popular song “Tiny Dancer,” written by Bernie Taupin and dedicated to his wife, Maxine Feibelman, follows this part:

“Hold me tighter, tiny dancer.”

Count the number of headlights on the roadway.

Put me down on linen sheets.

“You had a really busy day today.”

He continues with another part of “The One,” which runs as follows:

“We are following caravans.”

Drunken evenings in ominous hotels

When opportunities arise amid the stillness

When sex and love are no longer compatible.”

Spears seized possession of this future pop song by adding her vocals and those iconic tones that make her stand out and will linger in our thoughts for a long time. “It’s the best thing she’s heard in a long time,” a close friend of Britney Spears stated, britney spears news.

Yes, britney spears 2021 there is a lot of “baby” in the song, and people who heard it before it was released claimed it sounded like Britney Spears’ “Trip to Your Heart” (Femme Fatale, 2011), with whom Elton John collaborated.

And today is no surprise since Elton announced the actual name of the song on his Instagram account on August 8, along with two emojis that fans of each of them would recognize: a rocket (for Rocket Man) and a rose (for Britney Spears’ Project Rose), but he didn’t say anything. Then, on August 13, Spears uploaded fan art of both of them next to the title, creating a type of single false cover, which caused the internet to shake before he could remove it.

Elton John’s Great Pop Formula

Hold Me Closer” is a mashup song similar to the already well-known “Cold Heart” (PNAU Remix) featuring Dua Lipa. In it, John pays homage to his songs “Rocketman” (1972), “Where’s the Shoorah?” (1976), “Kiss the Bride” (1983), and “Sacrifice” (1989), combining the finest parts of each to produce his most successful single. This song has been heard over a billion times.

Britney Spears‘ chance to exploit this technique comes at an excellent moment, and what best way to do so than with one of Elton’s greatest songs?

Tiny Dancer is voted 47th among the 500 top songs of all time by Rolling Stone. The music geniuses guarantee to reach the best top of the charts and every playlist in the globe with this new collaboration britney spears instagram. To keep playing it because it’s Britney Spears.



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