6 Magical Flowers To Make Your Wedding Decor Best

6 Magical Flowers To Make Your Wedding Decor Best

As Tom Mullen said, “Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.”

The moment when you say  ‘Yes I do’ or the moment you complete those 7 circles around the fire is the most precious moment of your life. As of now, you have a permanent partner by your side to be with you in all ups and down, to hold your hand, and make life more beautiful.

To make the day more memorable your decoration of the venue should be as captivating and beautiful as your outfit, hairstyle, makeup If the venue is not mesmerizing you are missing the best part. Also, the decoration of your wedding is very important to make your wedding aesthetic and will keep your guests busy with your mesmerizing decorations.

What would be better than bright and fragrant tropical flowers to make your wedding day mesmerizing, beautiful, captivating at the same time aesthetic too? How amazing it is to see these small and delicate flowers can break the view of your wedding and elevate it from no level to the seventh level.

Choosing the correct flowers and type of decoration is another ball game and needs to be done with all the care and responsibility as it’s your big wedding day, but the availability of flowers is just away on some clicks, as you can easily order flowers online, and for correct flowers here are 6 best tropical flowers your wedding day.

  1. Roses –  These beauties are the symbol of love, beauty, and romance. Also, these are available in more than 100+ types and colours year-round. So you can easily get them and can make the whole arena romantic for your partner. These flowers look very beautiful in backdrops, umbrella decoration, bouquets, etc. These beauties are also famous for their fragrance as the fragrance is very luxurious but keep in mind that all the roses do not have a scent.
  2. Calla Lilies – These Flowers are also known as Arum lily. These are originated in Africa and have trumpet shape. These are very beautiful and magnificent flowers. These are available in yellow, orange, mauve-pink, purple but nowadays creamy ivory is more in fashion as it is a new colour and looks very beautiful in a bride’s bouquet, fruit accents, flower fountains. These are very unique choices and will surely make your decoration stand out.
  3. Stephanotis – These are star-shaped, waxy petals, and mild fragrance in white colour. Also, they are available year-round and are not very heavy on your pocket, these are budget-friendly and lovely beauties. These are small flowers usually used in floating florals, bouquets,s and garlands. These are symbols of marital happiness, it is the most traditional flower and a classic choice for a formal wedding.
  4. Tulips – These versatile flowers represent “happy years” and “love”. It is really a meaningful choice as they are available in a wide range of pastels, hues, vibrant shades like pink, yellow, orange, magenta, red, orange, purple, pink, white, etc. These are also available year long and not very expensive. These look very beautiful in almost any detail of a wedding from the bouquet to the backdrop. Wherever you use them they will enhance beauty and elegance.
  5. Lily of the valley – These are also known as “the ladder to heaven” as it has a tiny bell-shaped petal with a thin stem. The fragrance of these flowers is very fresh. These also come in rosy-pink colour but they are very rare in this colour. It is mostly available in the spring season and a little expensive but they really look beautiful in bouquets and centerpieces as they have a delicate texture.
  6. Ranunculus – These are grown by Westerners in the Far East. These are cost-effective alternatives to roses. Ranunculus are multi-petaled, lush, and wedding-ready flowers. Also, have little scent flowers that bloom on stems with fern, and available in white, orange, yellow, and pink. These are mostly used in table decor, space decor, and food decor.

These are the best, beautiful, and budget-friendly floral options through which you can easily choose to make your venue lit. We can get fresh and exotic flowers on our doorstep online cake delivery & flower delivery in Kolkata is easily available. Choose the correct option from above and you can also mix and match with flowers. As every flower is beautiful in its own way.



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