4 dessert recipes to bless your taste buds

Who doesn’t like a dessert that can bless your taste buds after a long day at work or a long zoom meeting where all you could actually think about was the cookies you could’ve been baking instead. Let’s be honest here, ever since corona happened, and there has definitely been a sudden hike in the dessert cravings all over the world. People are experimenting and bringing together new recipes and new easy and fast to make desserts that don’t take long to whisk up and can equally satisfy your cravings.

While we always promote healthy eating and the idea of eating in moderation to stay healthy, we understand that dessert cravings are very real, and it’s okay to satisfy them once in a blue moon to stimulate your taste buds or treat your loved ones.

To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of desserts that made a record of always satisfying your taste buds and those which have been our personal favourites in terms of how easy they are to whip up and how amazingly they bless those taste buds!

1. Good ol’ chocolate-dipped strawberries 

4 dessert recipes to bless your taste buds

Starting easy, chocolate-dipped strawberries have topped the list for us! They’re undeniably the easiest to make and the best way to go when you have a craving that needs to be fulfilled instantly. It’s crazy how chocolate-dipped strawberries NEVER go out of style. What’s even crazy is that these easily fulfil a fruit and a chocolate lover’s dream all in one.

All you really need is melted chocolate and a fresh bunch of strawberries; you could easily create an activity out of it, be it with your significant other, your best friends or even your children. You could handpick these strawberries, melt the chocolate together, dip them in and decorate them with regards to your personal preferences. Drizzle cream or sprinkle them up with colourful sprinkles, whatever pleases your eye, mind and specifically the taste buds!

2. Cakes that scream cheese 

4 dessert recipes to bless your taste buds

Cheesecakes are the classic yet chic desserts that you didn’t know fulfilled all your cravings at once! It’s not easy for you to control yourself once you really sit down and think of a cheesecake. Especially if you think of it the way, Rachel and Chandler thought of it in the episode, the one with all the cheesecakes. “It had a buttery, crumbly, graham cracker crust, with a very rich yet light, cream cheese filling….” It’s not easy for your mouth to not water up and for your brain to dismiss the thought of devouring a beautiful cheesecake.

While mama’s bakery Illinois sadly doesn’t exist, you could look up and come across a million different cheesecake recipes you could easily follow and bake yourself a good quality cake! Don’t forget to ship some of it to us! But before that, make sure that it ends up on a cake turntable rather than on the floor.

A little tip before you try and make yourself a cheesecake. Remember, the quality of the ingredients you’d use matters a lot, so make sure that you use good quality cream cheese and crackers, specifically! Make sure you crush the graham crackers finely and use good quality butter to bring them together.

3. Mousse it the French way! 

For authentic dessert lovers, French chocolate mousse fluffed up to perfection is the way to go. The perfect mousse is rich and creamy, yet it is still light on the stomach. French mousse has a hit of chocolate to it with a balanced amount of cream that leaves a super satisfying texture on your tongue.

The mousse that has a lot of cream ends up becoming a wanna-be custard, and the one that has too much chocolate ends up missing the creamy texture that is a sign of a good mousse. A good mousse is based on just the simple five ingredients, which are: chocolate, cream, sugar, eggs and butter.

Many people make the mistake of using eating confectioners chocolate rather than cooking chocolate. Then they end up complaining about the consistency, so make sure that you use cooking chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate that’s not too sweet and sugary is what you’d want to use when trying to achieve the mousse nirvana.

To make a good mousse, you need to make sure that when you beat your egg whites and sugar, they end up forming foamy soft peaks that are floppy at the top. Next, you fold yolks into your whipped cream and then comes the star of the show, the melted chocolate. Lastly, you fold those egg whites into the mixture you have; remember to go slow.

Chill it up, preferably in whiskey glasses, and there you’d have the best chocolate mousse that’ll leave you wanting more.

4. All clear with Eclairs



While eclairs are the most customizable and amazing form of dessert, they’re also not the easiest to make for everyone, and many people keep complaining about flat, soggy and cracked eclairs. To achieve the best eclairs, you need to follow a foolproof recipe and take care of all the little details you didn’t think mattered!

For choux pastry to work out, the consistency of the dough is the key! You can not eyeball the ingredients that you use to make the choux pastry dough. All of it needs to be measured to perfection. Besides that, keep an eye on the dough; make sure not to add too many eggs.

Eclairs need the steam to be perfectly shaped and maintain their consistency, so don’t even go near the oven door before the timer hits those 25 minutes.

Lastly, remember that adding raw flour or more eggs doesn’t fix a runny dough; instead, it ruins the measurements and thus the consistency. Again, the consistency of the éclair dough MATTERS.

The shape you pipe out your eclairs in matters too. Thus the piping tip you use needs to be an open star tip, also known as a French star tip.

Eclairs can bless your taste buds, whenever, wherever. Eclairs are the most customizable kind of desserts and thus can be devoured in every way possible, treating those tastebuds of yours in the right way! Fill them up with custard, Boston crème, whipped cream, flavoured whipped cream, or even mousse.

To sum it up! 

These were some of the many desserts that we think never fail to bless a real foodie’s taste buds. So the next time you’re hungry for dessert, make sure that you try at least one of these options, and if they do end up satisfying your taste buds-which they will- let us know in the comments below!

While wanting loads of dessert is fine at times, because your body needs it, you also need to make sure that you carry out the idea of mindful eating, train your brain to know when to stop, so that you can actually enjoy all these beautiful blessings without having to worry that you’re going overboard with any of it! We would recommend you not binge eat these desserts; instead, have them proportionally. Love, eat, laugh and live.

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